Edmonds Mural Society

 I was comissioned to paint a mural for The Edmonds Mural Society in Edmonds, WA. The mural can be seen on the side of The Waterfront Coffee company building right before getting on the Edmonds ferry.

The Edmonds Mural Society is at it again.

    • The nonprofit has just announced the five murals that the society will create this summer.  The new murals will add to the existing six murals painted in Edmonds in the past two years.  This year’s project includes a wide range of images, including a skyscape, mountainscape, marinescape and two more abstract images.  The images were chosen according to this year’s theme of celebrating the city’s natural hidden treasures.   Each year, the society’s membership chooses the theme.  Selecting the designs involved an arduous six month, three-step process.  I know, because I helped found the Mural Society and continue its work all year-round.
    • Muralist Andy Eccleshall was chosen for the second year in a row.  Last year, his “Steam Mills 1893” was painted on the west wall of 214 Main St.This year, his mountainscape “The Brothers” will be painted on the east wall of the Beeson Building, alongside The Papery.  “I’m honored,” Eccleshall said.  He added, “One of the most enjoyable aspects for me was all the people I met painting the mural.  I’m looking forward to that again.”
    • Local developer Joel Patience’s skyscape “Edmonds to Starboard” was chosen to be painted on the side of the store Running In Motion.  Patience still considers himself a novice at painting.  Nevertheless, he is “thrilled to have one of my paintings selected as a mural.”
    • The five murals will be painted in the weeks from July 5 to September 1, the only reliably dry period in Edmonds. The city’s existing collection of murals continues to elicit praise for its diversity, which is unusual among cities who mount murals.  With the addition of this summer’s five, Edmonds will sport two historical, two contemporary, two realistic and five abstracted murals.  “There’s something for everyone,” said Edmonds Mural Society Municipal Liaison Manya Vee, who is also my wife.  The murals are widely expected to generate more tourist traffic among the downtown merchants.  “We owe a great deal to the Mural Society,”
    • Downtown Merchant Association President Frank Yamamoto said. “The murals bring a sense of community and interest to our town.  “Yamamoto owns Running In Motion, one of the sites for next summer’s murals.  Patience agrees.  The Mural Society, he said, “sends a regional message that Edmonds is a place to source quality art and meet sincere, level-headed artists.” “I really enjoy being part of that type of effort,” he added.
    • (Excerpt from My Edmonds News)


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