Latrine Cap

Recently I was commissioned by Agency to artistically represent Washington State Universities’ International Research and Development project, Latrine Cap.  Piece will be part of The Washington Global Health Alliance expo at Mc Caw Hall and Intiman theater as part of Seattle Center’s 50th anniversary.

For my presentation I made a 20″ x 30″ collage and 4 mini collages to explain “Latrine Cap”

  •  wsu-project-6-19-12001.jpg
  • the 20″ x 30″ collage
  • wsu-project-6-19-12002.jpg
  • wsu-project-6-19-12003.jpg
  • wsu-project-6-19-12004.jpg
  • wsu-project-6-19-12005.jpg
  • (click on image for closer view)

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