Moss Turtle

I’ve been working for the last year with The Fremont Troll Knoll and Mach 2 Arts to create an installation in the park next to the Fremont troll. Urban Earth Nursery helped me with moss application information. The turtle was inspired on a trip to Osaka. I was walking in the Dotonburi, the Japanese Las Vegas, when I stumbled across a moss Buddha. I thought to exchange the Buddha for a turtle and make it into an environmental installation. People are invited to sprinkle water on the moss turtle and make a wish.

On December 29, 2020, we welcomed a new art installation to the east side Troll’s Knoll – the moss turtle. This sculpture installation was made possible by a grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. The moss turtle installation was designed by artist Michiko Tanaka (Yellow Laboratories) and fabricated by Mach 2 Arts. The installation is still in progress as we are working to fully cover the turtle in moss. The moss turtle is a symbol of the environment – once the turtle is fully propagated with moss, we will be adding a water basin so visitors can show their appreciation of the environment by caring for the moss and sprinkling it with water.

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