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Monday, October 4th, 2021

I’m now represented by LoCA arts in Seattle. They are an online gallery.

My work can be found here:

The Thrilla in Tukwila

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Project done for Tukwila Parks and Recreation and Urban Artworks. Located at Crystal Springs Park in Tukwila by the tennis courts. It features two greats of the tennis world: Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

Magical Creatures mural

Monday, October 4th, 2021

I spent a year making this mural for the Vang-Johnson household. I got to work with here two daughters, Lily age 6 and Ella age 3. Her two nieces visiting from Minnesota also helped. The unicorns were for her three girls (Ruby, age 1 wasn’t able to help.) The quetzalcoatl represented their son. Other magical creatures came from cultures around the world.